I have ten years of experience in urban planning, design and development. I focus my professional work on “triple bottom line” ideas: solutions that are equitable, ecological and economical.

Trained as a landscape architect and an urban planner, I have worked for small companies, international corporations, government agencies, academic institutions and nonprofits. I currently serve as the Ambassador to the Urban Waters Federal Partnership for the Anacostia River Watershed in Washington, DC. 

I am enthusiastic about “public” things: public space, public resources, the public domain, the public realm, public-private partnerships, public engagement, public property, public access television, public radio, public programming, public libraries, public health, etc. I think that the solutions to many of today’s crises have to do with learning how to share and cooperate with others. 

In my free time, I read and write science fiction and listen to and create electronic music.

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